Sleep and Sedation for Dentistry

Your Relaxation Is Our Priority

Teenagers and adults can relax while receiving the dental treatment they need. Who knew dentistry could be relaxing?

Sleep and Sedation for Dentistry

Your Safety Is Our Priority

You’ll have 2 dentists present during your treatment, and our dentists have unique certifications for providing sedation.

Sleep and Sedation for Dentistry

Your Comfort Is Our Priority

Our team of kind and compassionate people is here to provide a stress-free dental experience with your comfort in mind.

What Makes Us Unique

It’s Rare To Find A Dentist That Offers What We Do

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Credentials For Deep Sedation

Dr. Zahedi is one of only three dentist anesthesiologists in BC that have the credentials to provide this level of sedation.

restorative dentistry

Two Doctors For Every Patient

Our number one goal is to provide safe and relaxed dental treatments. Having two doctors at your side ensures your safety.

restorative dentistry

Individualized Sedation Type

The type of sedation we use is individualized for each patient. we cater to patients who have tried mild sedation with their previous dentist and found it to be not sufficient.

sleep dentistry

Sleep Dentistry

We focus on true sleep dentistry. That means the patient will be fully asleep during the dental procedure. Administrating this level of sedation requires a post graduate trained dentist, an accredited facility with advanced equipment, and a highly trained team. There are two levels of sleep dentistry: Deep Sedation and General Anesthesia


conscious sedation

Conscious Sedation

As the name suggests the patient will be fully conscious during the dental treatment, in a twilight state. Conscious sedation is often used for patients with mild discomfort or minor anxiety. Our doctors have access to a wider range of sedatives to target more receptors and therefore create a more relaxed state during your dental treatment.


Sedation Dentistry CAN be for anyone

Sedation Is Available For Any Dental Procedure – Including Hygiene – No Referral is Required

We provide dental work in a non-stressful and atraumatic manner in Greater Vancouver, BC so you can continue to maintain your oral care with your family dentist. We provide all levels of sedation including general anaesthesia to ensure the completion of all dental treatment in a safe and pleasant manner.

Our goal is to use sedation to provide a dental experience to patients that include, but is not limited to:

Patients who are uncooperative

Dentally anxious and phobic patients

Patients that have severe gag reflex

Patients that are allergic to local anesthesia

Patients that are difficult to numb or ‘freeze’

Special needs teens and adults

Patients with a high tolerance for mild sedation methods

Dr. Sepehr Zahedi

Dr. Sepehr Zahedi

Dental Anesthesiologist

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Meet Our Team

Two Doctors For Every Patient

While we offer different types of sedation, it is important to note that the type of sedation is individualized for each patient to balance the risks vs. benefits of treatment, the number one goal is to create the most comfortable yet safe experience for our patients.

As patient safety is of most importance, we always have a separate anesthesia provider in Dr. Zahedi to concentrate on sedation while another dentist is focusing on delivering great dental work.

Our Location

We Are Located On Kingsway In Burnaby, BC

We are located on Kingsway near Wilson Ave, across from Scotiabank, and close to the Save on Foods on Willingdon Ave. There is free signed parking for our patients in the back parking lot off of Wilson Ave.

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