Sleep and Sedation Dentistry for Children & Adults

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We provide dental work in a non-stressful and atraumatic manner in Greater Vancouver, BC so you or your child can continue to maintain your oral care with your family dentist. We provide all levels of sedation including general anaesthesia to ensure completion of all dental treatment in a safe and pleasant manner.


We see patients of all ages who are:
  • Very young and uncooperative
  • Dentally anxious and phobic patients
  • Patients that have severe gag reflex
  • Patients that are allergic to local anesthesia
  • Patients that are difficult to numb or ‘freeze’
  • Special needs patients

Sleep Dentistry

We focus on true sleep dentistry. That means the patient will be fully asleep during the dental procedure. Administrating this level of sedation requires a specialy trained dentist, an accredited facility with advanced equipment, and a specially trained staff. There are two level of sleep dentistry: Deep Sedation and General Anesthesia

Deep Sedation

Deep sedation or Sleep Dentistry is when you are actually asleep for your dental procedure. This method is recommended for adults who are unable to tolerate dental treatments for psychological (high anxiety) or physical (gag reflex) reasons. You will not have any memory of the procedure because you were asleep the entire time. Deep sedation can be administered by a dentist anesthesiologist(post graduate trained dentist.) These procedures MUST be performed at an accredited facility with advanced equipment and specially trained staff.

General Anesthesia

General Anesthesia is the anesthesia level usually recommended for children who are very uncooperative with dental treatments. It is similar to deep sedation for adults but in order to ensure the safety of children, advanced equipments are used to support their breathing while they are asleep. Like Deep sedation it requires highly trained staff and stringent accreditation by the dental regulatory college to be able to offer this mode of anesthesia. Both our clinics at West Vancouver and North Delta are accredited with CDSBC to offer general anesthesia.

Conscious Sedation

As the name suggests the patient will be fully conscious during the dental treatment. Conscious sedation is often used for patients with mild discomfort or minor anxiety. Our doctors at Sleep and Sedation for dentistry have access to a wider range of sedatives to target more receptors and therefor create a more relaxed state during your dental treatment.

Mild Sedation

In Mild Sedation you are fully conscious. This method is the lightest level of sedation and most dental clinics in BC refer to this method when they offer sedation. It involves using either Nitrous Oxide (laughing gas) or sedative pills. It is recommended for patients with very minor anxiety or discomfort. Using this level of sedation does not require a certification or registration of the dental clinic. Dentists usually get training to use this mode of sedation by taking a 1 or 2 day course.

IV Conscious Sedation

In Moderate sedation you are still conscious and have the ability to respond to questions and are still aware of your surroundings. You may or may not fall asleep but most patients will not be able to recall the dental procedure. General dentists can administer this type of sedation if they pass a special 2 week course. Most dentist choose to perform both the procedure and administer the sedation when using this type of sedation. However, in our clinics, we always have a highly trained separate sedation provider because it increases safety.
Our number ONE goal is to provide a safe and relaxed dental treatments
While we offer different types of sedation, it is important to note that the type of sedation if individualized for each patient to balance the risks vs. benefits of treatment, the number one goal is to create the most comfortable yet safe experience for our patients. 
As patient safety is of most importance, we always have a separate anesthesia provider in Dr. Zahedi to concentrate on sedation while another dentist is focusing on delivering great dental work.

"Two Doctors for every single patient"

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